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Welcome to Nerding I/O

We are a company of international collaborating developers who bring tips, tricks, eBooks, and courses to the world. Our goal is to spread knowledge on different helpful topics in the software development industry.


With more than 1k subscribers to our YouTube channel and growing, we created videos to prepare and teach you how to become a full stack developer to learn about coding starting from the basic to advance coding stuff. In this channel, we mainly focus on JavaScript, HTML, HTML, React, Python, Solidity, and Accessibility (WCAG, a11y) tips & tricks.

Highest Rated E-Books

Solidity Fundamentals


Understanding Web 3.0


Smart Contracts


Web Content Accessibility Guidelines


Take the Next Step Toward Your Personal and Professional Goals

We prepare and teach you how to become a full-stack developer to learn about coding, starting from the basics to advanced coding best practices. 


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I was intimidated by the idea of learning about smart contracts, but this Solidity book proved to be a game-changer! The step-by-step approach made it easy to understand the concepts and the hands-on exercises helped solidify my knowledge. I am now confident in my ability to create smart contracts.

— James

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The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) ebook completely transformed the way I approach web design. I never knew that making a website accessible to all could be so easy and fulfilling! Thank you for empowering me to create inclusive and user-friendly websites!

— Jackie

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I had been searching for a business leader resource on smart contracts for a while. The authors break down complex ideas into simple terms and the real-world applications inspire ideas. I now see the potential of blockchain and I am eager to keep learning.

— Rory

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